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Culinary students win trip to Japan

Culinary students win trip to Japan

Students at The Culinary Institute of America participated in the Maruhon Sesame Oil Culinary Challenge last year. Students were first asked to pair up with another student and submit a recipe video. Check out the 5 videos on why they wanted to cook with Maruhon Sesame Oil Cook off event.

The top 5 were asked to participate in the Maruhon Sesame Oil Cook off event.
Participants were tasked with using a variety of Maruhon Sesame Oils to reinvent classic American dishes. Recipes the students came up with included a Surf and Turf recipe, Chorizo Crusted Catfish with Marinated Shrimp, Chicken and Waffles, and a Cheesesteak Sandwich.

The Grand Prize winners of the culinary challenge were Kevin Tom and Bernardo Rios. Unfortunately, Bernardo could not make the trip because of military obligations. Second place winner, Sasha Wright, took his place on the trip to Japan.

Watch the video to see their amazing trip to Japan where they visited the Takemoto Maruhon Sesame Oil factory, the Hattori Nutrition College, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, Takeshima Island, plus enjoyed many delicious Japanese meals with sesame oil.


Takemoto Oil & Fat Co., Ltd is the oldest operating oil extraction company in Japan. Established in 1725 by Chozaburo Takemoto in the Aichi prefecture, it is still owned by the founding family.