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New Marketing Campaign for Takemoto Yushi’s “Maruhon Sesame Oil” Features Actor Osamu Mukai

New Marketing Campaign for Takemoto Yushi’s “Maruhon Sesame Oil” Features Actor Osamu Mukai Smiley face

On September 26, representatives of Takemoto Oil & Fat Co. hosted an event to introduce a new national marketing campaign for Maruhon Sesame Oil. The commercial presentation was held at Hotel New Otani in Tokyo. Company President Motoyasu Takemoto and Managing Director Shinjiro Takemoto were joined by actor Osamu Mukai. Mr. Mukai appears in a Japanese TV commercial for Maruhon Sesame Oil that begins airing on September 27.

The campaign features new packaging and label design for the brand, which is manufactured by Japan’s oldest edible oil manufacturer. Founded in 1725, Takemoto is headquartered in Gamagori, Aichi, Japan.

During the presentation, President Takemoto told the audience that his hope is to deliver high-quality, genuine sesame oil to as many professional and home cooks as possible. He highlighted the company’s focus on using a pressing process that does not use solvent extraction. The result is a product that is preferred by professional chefs for not only tempura and Japanese cuisine, but also Chinese, Italian, and sweets. He pointed out that ten out of eleven Michelin Star tempura restaurants use Maruhon Sesame Oil.

The new packaging and marketing campaign aim to convey the genuine commitment of Takemoto to the general public in Japan and around the world. Changes have been made to the bottle design, making it lighter and easier to hold. The logo has not changed, but labeling and colors have been refreshed allowing it to stand out on store shelves. The product’s labels now include product features as well as recommended menus and recipes.

The brand message is “Maruhon, 100% Pure.” The oil comes in four varieties: Unscented “Untoasted Sesame Oil,” mild and refined “Lightly Toasted Sesame Oil,” Classic “Toasted Sesame Oil,” and “Dark Toasted Sesame Oil” with a scent that is irresistible to sesame oil lovers. The target market for Maruhon Sesame Oil is the home cook who chooses products carefully, looking for superior quality and flavor. The Japanese marketing campaign will promote the products through TV commercials and social media featuring Osamu Mukai.

Mr. Mukai was happy and surprised to be invited to appear in Takemoto’s TV advertisements. He uses the company’s sesame oil himself and knows how easy it is to incorporate into any meal. He revealed to the audience that he had included it in a dish of mentaiko and green onion that day. Mr. Mukai understands how difficult it is to convey the scent and flavor of a product on television. He hopes to effectively express the sesame oil’s delicious qualities.

At the event, a demonstration was given using Maruhon Sesame Oil. One dish featured chopped cabbage with sesame oil. Another was a party appetizer recommended by senior Managing Director Takemoto that combined cream cheese, maple syrup, crushed nuts, and sesame oil. As he explained, cheese is not typically a Japanese food, but the sesame oil’s acidity, sweetness, and aroma create a complex and delicious dish.

From traditional dishes to ways it’s never been used before, Maruhon Sesame Oil is a product with unlimited potential.


Takemoto Oil & Fat Co., Ltd is the oldest operating oil extraction company in Japan. Established in 1725 by Chozaburo Takemoto in the Aichi prefecture, it is still owned by the founding family.