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Our Chefs' Favorite Sesame Oil Recipes in the Maruhon Times

Our Chefs' Favorite Sesame Oil Recipes in the Maruhon Times

We are excited to announce the launch of Maruhon Times, a quarterly newsletter. Our chefs give you a sneak-peak into how to cook with Sesame Oil. Our sesame oils come in four varieties: Lightly Toasted, Toasted, Dark Toasted, and Untoasted.

In this issue, we take you to New York City, where we celebrated Maruhon Sesame Oil’s entry into the U.S. market with a recipe contest for the students at the Culinary Institute of America. The publication is filled with recipes that demonstrate the versatility of our products. You’ll find recipes like Asian Fried Chicken, Scallop Tempura and a special dessert with vanilla ice cream, oranges and sesame oil. Click here to see the full Maruhon Times with ideas for appetizers, entrées, and side dishes.

The same sesame oils used by the chefs in Michelin-starred restaurants in Japan are now available for use in your kitchen. Find them at DeCicco & Sons specialty markets, with seven New York locations. Try all four varieties and find your favorite!


Takemoto Oil & Fat Co., Ltd is the oldest operating oil extraction company in Japan. Established in 1725 by Chozaburo Takemoto in the Aichi prefecture, it is still owned by the founding family.