Cabbage and Tuna, Sesame Oil Peperoncino

  • Takes 15 min to make; yields two servings  Real and simple, pure sesame oil Smart cooking recipes - easy, quick and delicious.



  • Cut the cabbage into one bite size and mince the garlic. For the scallion use a cooking scissor to cut them into small slices. Then take out the seeds in the red pepper and start boiling water for the pasta. 

  • Put Dark toasted sesame oil onto the frying pan and put the fire on small and start cooking the garlic and the red pepper. When you start to smell the garlic add in the cabbage. 

  • When the water boils add some salad and the pasta. But boil the pasta one minute shorter. 

  • After the pasta is boiled add it to the frying pan with canned tune, soy sauce, sake and mix them together, then add the seaweed with scoop of the boiling water you used to make the pasta. 

  • Finally place it on a plate and sparkle some scallions, Dark toasted sesame oil. 

  • P.S. You can also use yakisoba noodles to make this!!