Crispy Deep-fried Burdock (Gobo) Salad

  • Ingredients for four servings⁠
  • Instructions (cooking time: 25 min)



  • 1 Mizuna and arugula are washed well, then cut into bite-sized. Cut radish into thinly sliced and soaked in water.

  • 2 Cut the burdock thinly and long with a peeler, soaked it in water, remove the harsh taste, then drain.

  • 3 Add Maruhon 100% pure sesame oil into a pan and heat up to 330°F, and fry the burdock thin slices till colored tourn brown and crunch.

  • 4 Cut Mackerel pike into three pieces, then cut into thin pieces, sprinkled sake, soy sauce, and ginger juice. Then cover with starch and fry.

  • 5 Put all dressing ingredients in a bowl and mix it.

  • 6 Serve the vegetables (Mizuna, arugula, radish) and Fried Mackerel pike, place the deep-fried burdock on top, and add the dressing.