Sesame Ginger Pork Rice Bowl

  • Serving size for 2 people  Takes 10 minutes to make 
  • Real and simple sesame oil Smart cooking recipes – easy, quick and delicious. It's delicious!!! Quick!! And easy to make!!! To people who are busy everyday and have little time to cook, if you use this sesame oil and this technique, you can make delusion fresh homemade Japanese meals easy!! So Let's Get Cooking!!!



  • Cut Mizuna in 3 to 4cm and take the stems off the cherry tomatoes.

  • Put the pork in a zip bag and add in ginger, soy sauce, sake, sweet sake and start massaging the pork.

  • Put lightly toasted sesame oil in a preheated pan and add all the ingredients from the zip back, including the sauce. 

  • Place the mizuna, cooked pork and the cherry tomatoes on to the rice bowls and add in mayonnaise or shichimi if you'd like to add in some flavor.

  • P.S. You can also add sliced onions with the pork to make it extra good!!!